We are the Scribes of our times


I'm a professional programmer. Whatever else I am, programming pays my bills. Me and my fellow??purveyors of the Source currently enjoy the bounty of an increasingly tech centric economy because we speak Computer.

Something similar went on a few thousand years ago. Records needed keeping, letters needed writing, and only a handful knew the ways of the stylus. Scribes, they were the programmers of their times.

You may think that the world is going to shit. But it's not. Despite what the rants of newspapers and the smartphone bearing 99% would have us believe, these are times of unprecedented peace and abundance. The human condition has steadily improved, will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, and it's all thanks to widely adopted basic literacy.??Literacy multiplies the value a person can add to the world.??Teach everyone how to read and write, and in the blink of an eye donkeys on the street become jet planes in the sky.??

Machines being effort multipliers, programming is like literacy on steroids. Elementary schools everywhere are adding programming classes to their curriculum.??Soon, software will stop being something you have to get a Scribe to write.

There are two conclusions here:

1. Even in a world where everyone knows how to code, quality will matter. A good programmer will always be like a best-selling author: rare and valuable. But generally speaking we're going the way of the Scribe.

2. The world of widespread computer literacy is going to be awesome.

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