This has not gone well


Last week I attempted to change my daily routine, waking up and going to sleep much earlier than usual. The objective was to consolidate my at-home time, working on personal projects first thing in the morning rather than in the evening. This makes sense because I'm rarely in the mood to be productive after a long day at the office.

I pulled it off for a while, and it was great. Days were much simpler: wake up, work on my stuff, work at the office, relax, sleep. Much better than wake up, work at the office, fret about not having the energy to work on my stuff, don't relax at all, sleep. Knowing that each day I could get work done on my own projects greatly improved my mood, which had a positive impact on my demeanor and productivity at the office too.

Sadly, going out of sync relative to one's significant other is not easy. Readjusting sleep patterns is hard enough, trying to go to sleep while someone still roams around the house is harder still. By the end of the week I found myself??somewhat sleep-deprived. I was also missing my quality time with her.

So now I'm back to old slightly chaotic routine.

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