Early bird


It’s 6:20am on a monday morning and today I’m starting a little experiment. The goal is to move my daily routine back by two hours so that I can do stuff before having to go to work. To that end I’m waking up at 6am rather than 8am, and going to bed two hours earlier too.

I’m doing this because my daily routine ever since getting a full time job has been very detrimental to my personal projects – and health. Here’s the typical breakdown:

  • 7am Snooze the alarm
  • 8:30am Get out of bed
  • 9:15 am Leave for work
  • 10:15am Arrive in the office
  • 8pm Arrive back home
  • Midnight Hit the sack
  • 1am Sleep

My best hours are at the office, which would be fine if I still had any energy left for doing my own stuff in the evening – but I don’t. It’s embarassing how silly this routine looks when laid bare like this. Little wonder I’m always tired. I’ll write more of my thoughts on why this happens in a future post.

For now, though, it’s time to enjoy my newfound extra time.


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