Siri + Reminders = Win

Riding the subway home the other day, I suddenly realized I had forgotten something in my IRS filing. I raised my iPhone to my ear and said:

"Remind me to update my IRS when I get home."

It replied:
"Here's your reminder for when you get home: 'Update my IRS'. Shall I create it?"

A short exchange followed:
"Ok, I created your reminder."
"Thank you, Siri."
"Only doing my job."

Siri on the iPhone 4S does all sorts of technologically advanced things like tell you how many calories there are in a chocolate croissant or checking the weather to determine whether or not you need an umbrella, but nothing comes close to the sheer usefulness of having it take your notes or create reminders with alarms. That's because checking the weather is as easy as tapping once on the weather app icon, whereas taking a note or creating a reminder is a complex, keyboard-heavy operation. Being able to do this by simply speaking into my phone is amazing.