Steve Jobs didn’t blog, tweet, check-in or Like

Not publically anyway. Still he was one of the most influential people of our time. This got me thinking.

I get why blogging and social networking can be so important. It’s nice to have platforms on which to publish one’s thoughts and from which to reconnect with long lost acquaintances. But, in the end, that’s all it is: nice. It’s not vital and, in the case of social networking, not at all necessary.

There’s no one I currently care about whose phone number or email address isn’t in my address book. No one. Me and those people keep in touch either by ringing each other up, sending each other emails, and hanging out IRL. Facebook and twitter add nothing to these relationships, save for their messaging features.

I’m feeling more and more that blogging and social networking is more about narcissism than actual communication. Getting the Like on facebook is thrilling. Getting retweeted is addictive. But what does it actually accomplish? Very little.

These past few weeks I’ve taken a leaf out of Job’s book and scaled back my usage of facebook, twitter and the blog. Way back. Because private messages still get pushed to my phone, I find I’m not missing out on any real communication. And I get saved from my connections’ shares and likes – an unholy mix of farmville, 9gag, youtube and The 99%’s propaganda.

And I’m quite liking the experience.

One thought on “Steve Jobs didn’t blog, tweet, check-in or Like

  1. Narcissism ? Are you making a confession? =PNever thought about it like that but now you said it, you’re probably right. I don’t really use much any social network, I have an account in all but that’s it, don’t really spend much time on them. The one I probably use more is YouTube just because is has a lot of good informative videos.I think that worst about this networks is the wasted time but this is a problem of sociaty in general. People waste to much time on many useless things. It’s getting harder and harder to focus on something that actually matters.


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