Starting from scratch

Powering through the Getting Started guide for Rails involves writing a blog app and at some point you have to write a dummy blog post. I found myself writing something a bit deeper than that:

Starting from scratch

Well, not from scratch exactly. I'm not really going to forget all these past ten years taught me about web design and development. What this is, really, is more of a soft reboot. While php puts food on the table, I'm learning ruby via rails.

PHP and the practices it fosters are still stuck in the 90s. Time to evolve. I'm not saying ruby is necessarily a better language, what it is is surrounded by much better practices and tools.

So, in the end, it's less about the language and more about the mindset.

2 thoughts on “Starting from scratch

  1. Of course Ruby is a better language than PHP! =PI’ve been using Ruby and Rails at work for more than a year now. I love Java, always have but I also have to admit that Ruby and Rails have really great features that I would miss them a lot if I got back to Java.Both languages have pros and cons, can’t really say one is better than the other but if I wanted to code a small-medium web application I would use Rails without a doubt. I still have doubts about bigger web apps, while Ruby can make you code a first version faster, Java might be better in the long run. Not sure yet.Anyway… welcome to the Ruby world 😉

  2. I won’t say one language is inherently better than the other.Ruby is great for its syntax. Everything is an object, and the object operator is a simple dot, like in JS. Typing is a lot easier than foo->bar(). I also love how you pipe stuff into other stuff. So it’s very practical to do the actual typing and thinking in OO terms. Then you have Rails on top of that, which is good for its MVC pattern and strong adherence to REST principles.But PHP is still awesome at its original purpose of templating and quick hacks. The OO features from 5.3 onwards are also really well thought out, it’s just a shame how you still need to deal with all the legacy functions and syntax.As for Java, I can remember a time when people bashed it for the jvm’s performance. Funny how things evolve.By the way. Morcego?


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