How to setup a subdomain on a different server (GoDaddy DNS)


So right now I have a website that needs to run its main domain and a bunch of subdomains on one server, and a couple of subdomains on a different server. No biggie, right? I just need to update the DNS.

Trouble is, I'm not the greatest DNS expert who has ever lived. And GoDaddy seems to have changed its interface since the guides I've read were written, making things more confusing. There was a lot of head banging on walls tonight, but I finally nailed it.

So here's how to setup a subdomain on a different server using GoDaddy's DNS Manager:

  1. Set up the subdomain on the server, using whatever procedure your stack requires. On Apache you need to create or edit a VirtualHost entry. Google it if you don't know what I'm on about.
  2. Log on to GoDaddy and hit the Domain Manager. You'll see a panel with six main areas (Domain Information, Domain Enhancements, Related Products, Nameservers, DNS Manager and TLD Specific). We want to hit the "launch" button under DNS Manager, which will bring up a page full of DNS arcana.
  3. All you need to do is add an "A record" for the subdomain you're trying to host elsewhere. Other guides tell you to enter "subdomainname.yourdomain.tld" as the host, but GoDaddy will delete the domain portion and make things confusing. Just enter your subdomain name there and nothing else. Then enter the different server's IP address and save everything.
  4. Sit tight for an hour of so.
  5. Try to access your subdomain on a browser. It should be going through. If it isn't, don't panic, just wait a little longer. Whatever you do, don't start messing around with the DNS settings. Propagation takes time. Every panicked change you make adds an hour or more to the time it takes for the operation to complete.
Hope this helps. Cheers.

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