The Evernote firefox plugin is even better than the full app


So it’s been a while since I used Evernote regularly, and I think I know why.

Although Evernote for windows is great, I always relied completely on the firefox plugin to feed it. But around the time FF3.5 came out there were problems with the Evernote plugin. In my case, it stopped working but could not be uninstalled without some dark magic system file editing trickery. So I tried the bookmarklet, but it kind of sucked. It was slow and didn’t really do everything I expected.

Later on, I began using Chrome exclusively and forgot about Evernote almost completely (except when I wanted to go and retrieve something I’d stored there).

Fast forward six months or so. Now I’m using a mac most of the time, and went back to firefox because chrome for mac isn’t very stable and safari doesn’t really do it for me. Fast forward two more months. Now I’m using evernote a lot on my iphone, and decided to give it a try on the mac as well. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately, and needed a way to organize everything. Needed the proverbial “external brain”. So I installed the evernote plugin on firefox, and fortunately this time it worked with no problems.

Much to my delight, it’s better than ever! Look at that screenshot. Everything’s there. You can clip stuff, add notes, view and search all your existing notes. And it’s lightning fast, much faster than the standalone application. And for me, lightness and speed are everything. I’m sick of applications getting heavier and heavier.

So well done, Evernote! Think I finally may get one of your “I ❤ Evernote” tees.